My journey

I spent one summer month travelling around the old continent so rich in cultures and history that the only thing I was able of was to stand in awe. I’ve realised many things. And trust me, it wasn’t easy all the time. There were some tears shed not because my plan was falling apart, but because someone very dear to my heart started to question my past deeds no matter of their character.

He made me realise so many things he knows for a long time period. Yeah, I’m so inexperienced in many, many things and there are vast quantities of qualities I’ve got to learn. But all the struggle and all the effort is worth when you see that the person for whom you are trying to change for better appreciates it and makes you feel your effort is not wasted.

On the other hand, some people can make you feel like only your physical presence in their lives bonds you. That even tough they are very creative with words, the have absolutely no need to contact you. And that hurts. A lot. Mainly because you thought you were sort of best friends, even if you hate the term. But the longer you know her, the more mysterious or even mystical she seems to be. Yet you’d give her your whole heart.

If there was only one thing I’ve come to realise throughout the last mont it would be this:

People are the best and the worst thing that could happen to you. You have no power over how much they can hurt you. You cannot influence their power over you. Yet you can decide how you’ll cope and either fight for them or lose them forever.