Let me be really clear: I haven’t experienced the real „anxiety“, which people usually have before they go out with someone they fancy for the first time. I was nervous once, but in the end, they guy just texted: I was partying whole weekend. Do not have enough energy to give you my full attention. However, that’s completely different story.

Back to first date. I’m sure, you plan what to dress, how to impress one another, how to avoid the awkward small talk telling you nothing and get to real conversations which essentially tell you something about the one you are hopefully willing to kiss at your doorstep.

Should I pretend to be jollier than I really am? I am not a bubbly person. How do I prevent the silence or the cricket sound in the background?

I stand by the opinion that once you decided to devote your time and energy into the meeting, you should take from it all you can. Was he a complete snob? So what? You experienced it, didn’t like it and added to you secret list of thing you hate on the other sex. We all have the list of “I hate, I loathe, I love, I enjoy…”. Not necessarily the real written one, but at least the imaginary one.

I believe, first dates are big deal. They surely are. Feeling nervous, hands shaking, your vocal cords and tongue not willing to participate, et cetera, et cetera. I feel for the people going on dates. Oh, the sweetness of anticipation. Hope for the brand new relationship. Belief that this planet can still be a nice place to share a life with one another.

May all your first dates bring more light to the subject of who you are, who you want to become, and who you want to become that someone with.




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