Love just happened…

I’m happy and sad at the same moment. My good friend just agreed to try it out with the girl he wanted for some period of time. That’s nice that he was persistent. But the thing that bothers me the most is the most recent history. I do not care what she did or even who she did a couple of months. But on Saturday she made out as with him as with his good friend.

I am happy for him. That after 6 years of holding grudges and not wanting to commit and being refused by women just as he shared his bed with them, he finally did it and decided to do it. To be in a relationship. But why with her?

I’ve told him a couple of times already, that he has a poor choice of women. He argued they chose him and not the other way around. So why did he voluntarily chose a woman, who at first was willing to sacrifice a good and perspective relationship with HIM (trust me, he’d do anything for the woman of his choice) for 4 months of sex with Tavoy (her work and travel bouncer from the last summer)? This Tavoy guy must have been a really good lover because he was providing 4 more women with his services. And she knew it and she didn’t mind it and she wanted to do it again.

He is such amazing man! However, I do not think this relationship is a good idea, concerning his past with her friends. I just feel like I want to cry over his decision. I will support him, I even approve of his relationship, but I won’t be very happy about it. Even though I may feel like he’s making a mistake (just as I thought that the second time my sister started dating this guy who is now her fiancé), I am his friend and I was lucky enough to be the first one he told. I really appreciate and value him as a person, so I’ll cherish my relationship with him, no matter what.

Nevertheless, this just proved the everlasting and never-dying theory that in love anything is possible. Anything and everything can be forgiven and forgotten as soon as one is infatuated by someone. I am still startled and stunned by what can people do for those, who catch their romantic attention.

BUT! If she hurts him, I’ll hate the hell out of her!





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